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Welcome to Easy People Finder.

We have created a set of indepth reports on how to find people, do backgound checks, check employment backgrounds, screen tenants and protect your own identity and social security number.

These reports will be available shortly either as individual reports, or all together as a bargain package: -

  • Background Checks 101 - uncover what you need to know about a person
  • Background Checking - the secret to finding people
  • Guide to Employment background - check out your potential new employee
  • Tenant Screening - learn how to avoid problem tenants
  • Protecting your Identity and Scocial Security Number - what you need to know right now

So add EasyPeopleFinder.Com to you favorites now and come back soon to get full details of all five reports..

Free People Finder & backround Checks Mini Course


To get you started we're offering a free 6 part mini course covering everything you need to know about background checks, including: -

  • Day 1 - What is a background check?
  • Day 2 - Why conduct a background check?
  • Day 3 - Background check requirements
  • Day 4 - What can Background checks be used for?
  • Day 5 - Types of Background checks
  • Day 6 - More Background Check Tips

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